Virgo4 - the details make the different

VIRGO 4 – The details make the difference !

VIRGO 4 – the third generation of our powerful and stable screen reader distinguishes itself from others with its creative user interface and innovative technologies.

Working in an ergonomic and efficient way is the most important requirement for any screen reader. VIRGO 4 offers optimal comfort, integrating three configurable media in one concept: Braille output, speech output and screen magnification.

By Yes save changes to Document?Virgo 4 supports various Braille-Displays and Speech Synthesizers!

Easy and flexible integration of different Braille displays for either work, study or home use is becoming more and more important. VIRGO 4 supports about 70 different Braille displays from different manufacturers and thus represents an open and future-proof system that is able to communicate with modern day Braille displays operating through USB or Bluetooth.

The completely new design and structure of the user interface is the outstanding result of the close co-operation of VIRGO End Users and our software engineers. This has lead to an optically very nice interface for an intuitive use for both visually impaired users as as well as blind users.

Thomas Friehoff, Head of the Development Department, comments: “The development of VIRGO 4 is a brilliant result of the effort of our Development and Product Management Teams. This product is a new Milestone for an optimal interaction between speech, Braille and magnification.”

Rainer Brell, Product Manager VIRGO continues: “This product stands for the perfect interaction of innovative, intuitive technologies with a creative and flexible work environment that optimally supports efficient working. This is the ultimate VIRGO.”

IE WebFormator

Brailledisplay Mode

Already 10 years ago the Braille display Mode was invented and applied within VIRGO. Many times this feature has been attempted to copy but no-one succeeded in reaching VIRGO’s high comfort level. Test yourself how structured all information is presented on your Braille display !

Outlook Calender

VIRGO 4 supports the MS-Outlook functionality – especially the calender. Within VIRGO 4 are already over 100 scripts which are continuously extended and updated.


User Profiles

All personal settings and individual adjustments made by an End User are stored automatically in a separate user profile. In case of updating VIRGO all settings and adjustments are restored again. This eliminates the known problem of installing a programme or using the same programme on multiple work places and losing your previously stored settings.


Another technical innovation is the implementation of DocumentWizard which was presented to the public for the first time during the exhibition “SightCity 2004” in Frankfurt. With help of DocumentWizard it is possible to comfortably read e-mails in html-format, pdf-documents, Windows help-files, etc. Thanks to this development this kind of document formats do not represent a barrier anymore for blind computer users.


Nowadays internet has become an important part of life in both work places and in home situations. The integrated WebFormator displays the information of Internet Explorer in such a way that you can move within this information as easily as in the text editor. Both websites programmed with Flash or complicated table structures or other challenges are not a problem for this additional instrument provided together with VIRGO 4.

Visual Basic Scripting

When applications are used that do not correspond to the MS-Windows standard or when an End User desires a special preference for his/her comfort, the integrated Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting that is within VIRGO 4 can be applied. This fast and efficient scripting allows for a wide variety of stable adaptations to different applications.

Other features

Since VIRGO 4 supports Unicode there is no problem for VIRGO to run in Arabic, Hebrew or Cyrillic environments. Furthermore BAUM Retec is development partnerwith SUN Microsystems and therefore VIRGO 4 is also compatible with Java programmes communicating with SUN Access Bridge.


Logo GalileoBAUM Retec’s screen magnification software is called GALILEO and integrated within VIRGO 4. GALILEO is powerful and user friendly. It offers different zoom windows and a magnification range of 1x to 48x with an excellent edge smoothing. Of course functionality like colour inverting and a wide selection of different colours can be chosen.

Furthermore all personal settings can be stored in a scheme appropriate to the current application used. Whenever this application is started, GALILEO automatically will change to these stored settings (i.e. the representation of two magnification windows). As soon as you change to another application, GALILEO automatically will change again.

In addition GALILEO can be adapted to special applications which need different requirements by using script programming. This way GALILEO is able to learn and can be combined ideally with a wide variety of different software.

GALILEO can also be obtained without VIRGO 4.


Download Virgo 4.71 for Windows 2000/XP german/english/french/dutch/rumanian/russian/italian)


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